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Start up to leAD! – Die Enkel des legendären Adi Dassler treten in die Fußstapfen ihres Großvaters und schaffen eine Plattform für innovative, ambitionierte Start-ups aus der Sportbranche. MILK sorgt mit Back- und Frontend-Entwicklung für den richtigen Playground. On- und Offline. Whatever it takes!

Horst Bente, leAD Founder

»No matter how high the bar was raised, our grandfather, Adi Dassler, always found a way to make a clean jump over it. Today, we support young innovators with a unique network of mentors, investors and entrepreneurs.«

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A program is designed to provide you with lots of knowledge to boost your business while giving you enough time to put these insights into practice.

Horst Bente, leAD Founder

»He created a whole industry with his passion, his innovative strength, and his firm sense of conviction. Still today he would be willing to share his beliefs and values – not only with his family, but also with young enthusiastic founders.«

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Accelerate your ideas

For startups with outstanding ideas, the leAD team of entrepreneurs, experts and international top investors with a deep passion for and strong foothold in sports paves the way to the best playing fields in the business.

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